For any catering requests please email us or call the store during business hours so we can talk to you about customising your selections.

Minimum order quantity of 12 per item applies unless stated otherwise.

Mini sausage rolls $3.50
Little Syrian chicken pies $4.50
Little lamb, potato and rosemary pies $4.50
Leek and gruyere tarts (mini)
Large leek and gruyere tart (12")

$4.50 Individual

$80.00 (serves 12-15)

Zucchini, chilli and gruyere buns $4.00 small, $5.50 large
Sandwiches, see our menu (available in lots of 2) $12.50-$14.50
Salad $60.00 small, $85.00 large
Chocolate tarts (72 hours notice required) $4.50 (min. order 24)
Sour cherry brownies $4.00 small, $5.00 large
Bran muffins $4.00 small, $5.00 large

If there is anything that we do that you would like to see in a small size for catering events please let us know.