Which Building?



When you find yourself on Riley Street, Woolloomooloo in search of a warm croissant, a coffee, a whole cake or maybe a jar of buttermilk ricotta – you might wonder, “Which Flour and Stone building will I visit first?”

We have two kitchens and two shopfronts – The Pantry and The Annexe – situated just 30 metres apart. Each space is bursting with Flour and Stone creativity, here’s how to find your way on the street that perpetually smells of butter.

The Pantry, 53 Riley Street

A baker’s dream, a home cook’s wonderland and a gourmet’s paradise. The Pantry is where you’ll find jars of custards, curds, and jams, as well as sheets of our pastry, cookies, cookbooks, and cake tins. The Pantry will help you take a little bit of Flour and Stone into your home kitchen.

It’s the storefront you’ll pass first if you’ve just turned off William Street and it’s directly next to Riley Street Garage. The Pantry sits in the space that was once occupied by our Salon.

It’s open from Monday to Friday, 7-3 and Saturday, 8-3. Some items can be pre-ordered here.

The Annexe, 43 Riley Street

Mosey along to The Annexe to find warm croissants, slices of cakes, fresh sandwiches, colourful gingerbreads and hot coffee. This is also where our dispatch window is located where you can pick up any pre-orders. The Annexe is just a ten second walk from The Pantry.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to pick up a cake I pre-ordered: Come on down to the dispatch window at the Annexe – 43 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo.

Where do I buy lemon curd, honeycomb, jam, biscotti and cake tins? : Step into our wonderful Pantry at 53 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo.

Why does it looks like you’re closed? If you’re trying to pick up a cake or grab a coffee from Monday – Friday (7-3) or Saturday (8-3) and it looks like we’re closed, you might be outside the wrong building. Take a hop, skip and a jump a few doors down Riley Street and you’ll find the Annexe.

A few words from Nadine on The Pantry

Flour and Stone’s place in the neighbourhood has been described as being “the village pump”. The old girl has definitely been privy to some delicious conversations in her time. In turn, those walls and their innate ability to talk have informed our decisions to create spaces to serve that community in a meaningful way. We’ve seen some costume changes over the years, but the purpose always remains for nurture and nourishment.

I remember in the early years there were so many people packed into a small space that the hum of banter could be felt from the kitchen. There was the gentleman that came in who thought we were all sisters. Ben and John who called us “the ladies who bake”. The moody baristas, the cranky baker. The teams from National Geographic, the Heart Foundation and first draft. Dex and his tribe. The couple in the window having a tiff. The woman in the corner dressed in a power suit curled up with a cinnamon bun. All these people and many more are woven into the fabric of the building, they are part of energy.

What we’ve created with the Pantry has been a team triumph that will extend the Flour and Stone experience into your homes.

There are jars of Patrik’s lovely lemon and passionfruit curd, Sarah’s grandmother’s lavosh, Emily’s definitive chocolate biscotti, Lizzie’s puff pastry and sweet short crust in ready to roll blocks. We have Odie’s honeycomb and Nat’s ricotta and pot-set yoghurt (made using some pearls of wisdom from Kristen Allan).

Plus Mr Ingram’s piccalilli, Carmen’s ice cream and her chocolate rochers ’cause this woman is an over achiever! You’ll find Winnie’s lemon myrtle macaroons, Georgia’s pavlovas and much more on our  Pantry shelves – all embellished with Samantha Denmark”s knockout pattern illustrations!

Top illustration by Samantha Denmark.