Ice Creams



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This year, our community has spent a lot of time on the pavement outside our store. This strip of the city landscape between 43 and 53 Riley street has never been more in spirit with the times. People on their way to work clinging to their morning coffee. People seeking comfort in the pursuit of cake. People wanting simply to connect with other people. Conversations and energy being exchanged. It’s been a wild and wonderful year.
We thought as summer approaches these little cups of iced goodness would look right at home in the hands of our community standing on the pavement. After all, there’s nothing quite like ice cream to transport us to faraway places. In fact, when Samantha Denmark imagined the packaging for this project she saw penguins with ice cream cones walking past the bakery.
Carmen, one of our pastry chefs, is the wizard behind making the ice creams and sorbets and will be surprising you by changing the flavours regularly. The ice creams are accompanied by unique toppings within the cup whilst the refreshing sorbets speak for themselves.
These are examples of the inspired flavours Carmen is churning at the moment.
– Ruby grapefruit sorbet
– Coffee and hazelnut with cocoa nib tuille
– Coconut and Kaffir lime with toasted coconut crumble
– Vanilla and honeycomb (goes down well with a shot of coffee from one of our baristas)
Our products are made in an environment where lots of other lovely things containing eggs, sesame seeds, soy, tree nuts and gluten are made and, therefore, may contain traces of these allergens.