Baking Classes


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Deliveries Monday to Friday.

These classes are for aspiring bakers, and those that love to bake from the heart in their own home. It is an afternoon for those that are passionately curious, and those who seek to understand the intentions, meaning and purpose of our baking.
With only eight seats available for these demonstration classes, you can sip tea with the promise of intimate, personalised and interactive conversations.
You’ll leave armed with the tools and confidence you need to bake, alongside copies of Nadine and her team’s personal recipes, a delicious Flour and Stone goodie bag and exclusive access to Nadine’s private online baking community – where you’ll be able to share your baking experiences and have access to Nadine’s knowledge for further baking adventures.


Kristen Allan and Nadine Ingram: Saturday 29th April

Kristen will be making Buttermilk ricotta and mascarpone. Then Nadine will be using the cheeses to make tiramisu with home make sponge fingers and Ricotta fruit tart for all seasons.


Baguettes and Pastry:
Saturday 13th May

Always wanted to know how to perfect some of the Flour and Stone staples? In this class, our Pastry chef Lizzie Field, will teach you how to easily make a crunchy French baguette at home. While Nadine will be guiding you through some of her favourite pastries such as sweet shortcrust, sablè pastry and rough puff and the beautiful ways to use them in your baking. One not to be missed!


Classes will run from 1pm until 4pm.
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