Our Bread Program


If you have wandered into our cosy Pantry on a Friday or Saturday recently, you would have felt the warm glow of our newest team member, Hestia. Named for the ancient Greek goddess of hearth and home, Hestia the oven is the beating heart of our new bread program at Flour and Stone.

The purpose of the program is to teach our team a few loaves with love, purely for the energy of learning.

Over the past few weeks, one of our pastry chefs Lizzie has been busy experimenting with different flours, seasonal ingredients and shapes. Known as ‘that tiny baker girl’ on her Instagram page, Lizzie has thrown herself into the program with gusto, providing us with nourishing bread each Friday and Saturday.


Bread available each week at the Pantry – 53 Riley Street

Friday and Saturday only

White sourdough – from 10:30

Malted rye sourdough – from 10:30

Malty seed sourdough – from 10:30

Baguettes – from 8:00

Fruit buns – from 8:00

Demi baguette sandwiches with ham and Brillat-Savarin cheese available from 8:00 at the Annexe – 43 Riley St.


Specialty loaves available on rotating weeks:


Turkish bread

Gruyére and jalapeño sourdough loaf

Coffee, date and sesame seed loaf

Get in contact with the office via 8068 8818 or to enquire about specialty loaf availability.


Photography by Alan Benson, 2022.